Autumn in Shropshire

Clun Pack Horse Bridge

Autumn is a breathtakingly beautiful time of year in the Shropshire hills. Woodland takes on an infinite variety of vibrant colours as the leaves turn in reaction to the change in the season. Hillside vistas take on an atmospheric identity as the paler sun pushes through the morning mist.

Pictured in an autumnal setting is the historic pack horse bridge over the river Clun. Despite its age of more than 550 years, the bridge is today still a key crossing point for the A488, linking the two halves of our lovely little town.

Dick Turpin Cottage, just outside Clun, is a great place to come and relax in comfort whilst soaking up the magical, misty, time-steeped ambience of autumn in Shropshire. We hope to welcome you soon.

Clun Bridge, Shropshire

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